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Man converts Keke Napep to helicopter

Tricycle converted to a helicopter

A talented man from warri, Delta state has turned his tricycle (Keke napep) into a helicopter, this helicopter looks huge and exactly only that it was not manufactured from the company.
This innovation received a lot of commendations with Nigerians calling on Federal Government to put into action on how to assist the man in order to develope his talents. One among those who commended the innovation, Okoye Godwin Muna Jnr, commented that some people will look at this and say the Keke man is stupid for wasting his time in building something of this kind, bit this is an evidence to prove that there highly talented people in different parts of the world, but it is only when they are placed in the wrong side of the map that their talents could end up on newspapers, and bloggers using it to get likes and views

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