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A 77 year old Akwa ibom superman who pulls a car with his teeth and eats bottle

This 77 year old man called the worlds super sampson and super man has been in this system since 1960 - 2000, his performances such as pulling a car with his teeth and eating bottles.
He is so strong such that he cannot be pulled down by 15 men, in his previous shows performed at his hometown; ikot Eyo Nsit Ubium L.G.A.

"Today I had a rare privilege to take this shot with the world Sampson,super dragon who has gone far across the globe performing shows in major continent like Europe,Asia and England to mention but few, He has been in the system since 1960 - 2000 and he is still active in service" Owo Etukudo, who shared this photos wrote on facebook
World Sampson was rated as one among the highly placed icon just like the worlds heavy weight boxing champion by name Tizan Esshiet.
The mandators; a renounced reggae musician that made the list in the then 60's,70's,80's,90's till late 2000's in the social atmosphere.

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