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SOLUTION CENTRE: Easiest way of preventing your phone from heating up

Perhaps 70% of Android users experience this issue of their phones heating up due to background apps running on their smart phones, some are as a result of browsing on 3G network, watching online movies, playing games constantly on their smart phone while others heat up on their own which makes the device start to misbehave/hangs or slow in action.
Here are some of the why your device heats up costanty:

  • Battery and charger 
Most at times people do not cheak their charger and battery capacity especially when it is not the original charger of their android smart phone, their could be a situation were by the charger/charging capacity is higher than the battery capacity just like using a charger which has 2.5ah which is equal to 2,500mah to charge a battery that has 1,800mah this could seriously overheat or even cause damage to the phone and battery

  • Using your phone while charging
This is one of the most dangerous practice among so many individuals especially when it comes to charting with their friends on social networks, watching online movies, playing games or even making calls while their phone is charging, this could cause serious overheating of the phone and might lead to serious injury.

  • The front and back cover of the device

Mostly phone covers usually made from leather or rubber do not all the flow air especially when the phone is over used which could cause much heating,  one of the best phone covers are those covers that are made from insulated materials or that which was in the pack when unboxing your device, they are the best covers that could easily prevent this issue. 

  • Malware/virus
There are some certain apps which you might install on your smart phone such as games, video player, launcher, battery savers it could be any app that should serve as protection to your device but it will later on it could cause more harm than protection to the device especially when playing high definition games. 
  • Too much apps on your device
Most people who are using an android smart phone may be for the very first time are very fund of installing some unnecessary applications on their android device which is not advisable especially when the phone does not have up to 1GB RAM. It normally hang or slow down the performance of your device which is one of the reason why most phone ovee heat. 

The easiest method of preventing your phone from overheating is by not installing some irrelevant apps on your device and also refresh your memory each time your device tries to heat up

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