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Reasons why MMM Nigeria will still exist in 2017

 So many angles and other part of the country, there
have been rumour that MMM Nigeria which stands for
Mavrodi Mondail Moneybox will crash which has
become everyday discussion. Even though Nigerians
are ready to criticize anybody who bad mouth what that
makes them rich.

 MMM has been improving and growing in Nigeria right
from this time things have not been quite alright in the
country on like people loosing their jobs, why the country's
economy is in shambles. 

Normally there are statement people make which is the
issue of robbing peter to pay paul,mmm scheme may seem
so, but it alleviates the suffering masses from their poverty. Am
aware of risk investing in mmm but for the record, it is really 

MMM has changed lives such that no one will be able to accept
Any negative information from anybody due to the scheme has 
been paying just as they never expected. 

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