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Man drinks insecticide as ponzi scheme crashes two weeks to his wedding

 A man in Benue State attempted to take this own live after the C.E.O of ponzi scheme,  MMM, Mavrodi Mundail Moneybox decided to freeze the account of all ponzi scheme participants in Nigeria due to the advancement which led to the confusion among the people in the country, this man known as Adakole who invested N300,000 attempted to take his own life due to the face that he invested to for his wedding on December 28.
 An eyewitness lamented, “Kole is my childhood friend, we all grew up in Ugbokolo but when he  traveled to Abuja to meet with the pastor of his the lady we was about to marry, he said someone introduced him into the ponzi scheme but I and his wife warned him but he told us the scheme was legit. 
He invested  N300,000 he saved for his wedding into the scheme and was expecting to get the 30 percent before his wedding on 28 December. Very early this morning, he called me to confirm if news was a hearsay, I told him it was real and he screamed and hung up.
When I heard him, I knew it was no longer a joke, so I rushed to his house around Sabon Gari to discover that he had taken Raid insecticide. I had to call the wife to inform her. I took him to the clinic where he is currently battling for his life. The wife is already on her way from Abuja. 

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