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How to distinguish between original apple iphone and fake/clone iphone

 Iphones has become a huge selling market which has made it difficult to differentiate between the genuine/original from the clone. The clone has been built and crafted is a way that they look more superior than the genuine/original iphone and left the most important features of a perfect iphone.

Here are some important factors to prove a genuine iphone

1. The position and quality of the botton

A typically built iphone which is the original iphone botton looks more bold and stronger than the clone and most of the fake iphone the bottons looks sleek and more thin, they are also positioned wrongly compared to the original one

2. The quality of the camera
This seems to be the most important among all factors of a genuine iPhone and that of the fake, 
A genuine iPhone camera is more clear when it comes to video recording and taking selfies but when it comes to the fake one the camera is blur when it comes to taking selfies and also poor in video recording

Mostly the distance between the camera and the flash of a genuine iPhone such as an iphone 6s plus and that of the clone are not similar, the camera and the led flash light are more closer than that of the camera on the fake iphone

3. The apple logo on the back
This made it more easier to detect or distinguish between the original and fake one. The logo at the back of a genuine iphone is non reflective and cannot detect any image no mattee the condition but the logo at the back of a fake iphone can be used instead of a mirror, it could easily detect image. 

4. The data cable
Coming to to the data cable of a perfect iphone the end cable of the charging port looks more bold and ticker than that of the clone, and also the other end of the data cable of a perfect i phone has double holes in between but the data cable of that of the clone has only one

5. Difference in the screen display
A perfect iphone screen display looks more clear than that of the clone which looks not blur colorful dool so as the notification tray. The notification tray in the original ia black while that on the fake is colorful

These are some of the features of a quality iphone through which you can figure out if your iphone is a perfect iphone or clone

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